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Winning the War for Talent in the 2020s: 11 Insights from The Global Institute For Thought Leadership

What is it that attracts talent and what is it that makes them stay? How is it that some companies have extraordinarily well-paid people, who are still disgruntled and demotivated, while others pay their people a pittance (like we did), yet still have people, who breathe the job?...

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destination U - Podcast

Conversation with Wendy of Destination U about life after 40, not having a Bucket List, but a NOW LIST. We talked about a WWII I did across Europe in 2008 and how that WWII veteran's survival guilt lead me to create my NOW LIST on the final night of the trip.

Release date: June 2022. 

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Corporate Dropouts

Corporate Dropouts shares the inspirational stories of men and women who took the traditional route of a corporate career only to realize that the 9-5 wasn’t for them. These courageous leaders threw it all in and embarked on the journey of starting their own business and building a life based on their terms. In these stories, they share the ups, the downs and lots in between on their journey from Corporate Dropout to successful CEO.

Release date: February 24, 2022

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Yes I Can! - podcast

Host: Dr Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

Top media expert and 10x #1 International Bestselling Author of Women Who Lead, Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D. shares the life, career, business and family success from inspiring women around the world. These women are the leaders and influential trailblazers in their fields. Balancing various aspects of life is what any women seek while being the best version of themselves.
As seen on Forbes, TED and FOX TV

S02E07- Using your book to build authority & trust with the Corporate Dropout Authors. 

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