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Welcome! From the Questioner in Me & my sidekick, Willow

Welcome. I'm happy you found the What About blog.

For the past 20 years, I have bridged behavioral science with emotional intelligence to impact and shift company culture, empower emerging leaders, and bottom-line growth. What I do begins with a deep dive into an organization’s internal culture and branding in order to impact external culture, branding, and marketing. Taking a human-centered approach to organization change increases both adaptability and change retention. When employees know the company has their best interest at heart, they get on board, advocate, and implement the change with teamwork, enthusiasm, and partnership. This is the kind of engagement I facilitate.

Previous to starting Sarah Blake Consulting, I was a development and marketing leader for a defense contractor. For fifteen years, I drove large-scale internal change-making initiatives while ensuring that all marketing materials were cohesive and on brand. As Operations Manager for a training & development company I modernized and standardized all trainings for inclusivity and diversity as well as ensuring consistency in messaging.

I have my M.S. in Organizational Leadership, as well as Executive Project Management Certification, from Regis University and a B.A. in Communications from Colorado State. As an aim of mine is to stay on the cutting-edge of what’s new in organizational leadership and emotional intelligence trainings, I am ProSci Certified, a DiSC Qualified Trainer, The Five Behaviors Qualified Trainer, a Certified CultureTalk Partner, and am internationally certified in Evaluating Emotional Skills, Competencies, Truthfulness and Credibility.

I am excited to be sharing my expertise through consulting, facilitation, and coaching. I will soon be a ICF certified coach, with a focus on emotional intelligence and business.

My passion for connecting with people and how they adapt to change is what drives me. It is my mission to provide change-making leadership and know-how to companies looking to shift their story, reframe their messaging, and connect with their audience in new, meaningful ways.

I am also a contributing author of Winning the War for Talent in the 2020s 11 Insights from The Global Institute For Thought Leadership, with a chapter called: “Archetypes Go Further and Deeper than your Brand”.

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