The Great Realignment

The Great Realignment We’ve all heard it – The Great Resignation. I’m excited to hear other people finally talking about it being The Great Reassessment. I like to call it The Great Reassessment and Realignment. Reassessing is great – but you need action.

You need Alignment. Realignment.

One of my core messages is “When there is alignment with our values, our stories and our surroundings, there is alignment within.”

I knew I there was misalignment during the last couple of years at a corporate job, but I didn’t have the language to express it. I just knew things were “off”, and then with more awareness I started seeing more and more disconnects.

I started seeing increasingly poor behaviors, poor language and cultural shifts with more consistency.

I didn’t have the language around personal values at the time.

I didn’t have the language around the stories that the people wanted me to be living.

I didn’t have the language around what was happening around me, my surroundings.

It took me going through a three-year corporate detox to start to see what had been happening.

It was so simple.

But requires so much work.

There was misalignment with my values. To be honest I didn’t even know my core values. I knew the behaviors that I didn’t agree with but I had never gone through any “discover your core values” exercises.

There was misalignment with the stories. When I say “stories” I mean all of the “shoulds” I have been told.