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About Sarah

For the past 20 years, I have bridged behavioral science with emotional intelligence to impact and shift company culture, empower emerging leaders, and bottom-line growth. What I do begins with a deep dive into an organization’s internal culture and branding in order to impact external culture, branding, and marketing.


Taking a human-centered approach to organizational change increases both adaptability and change retention. When employees know the company has their best interest at heart, they get on board, advocate, and implement the change with teamwork, enthusiasm, and partnership. This is the kind of engagement I facilitate.


My passion for connecting with people and how they adapt to change is what drives me. It is my mission to provide change-making leadership and know-how to companies looking to shift their story, reframe their messaging, and connect with their audience in new, meaningful ways. 

Meet Sarah

My Services

Workshops & Facilitation.

Critical meetings need high-quality facilitation. Get more results and smoother meetings. In-person or virtual, as a facilitator I can ensure your meetings are successful. 

  • Create lasting change.

  • Impact your bottom line.

  • Enhance culture.

  • Improve performance. 

One on one.

Coaching packages are available to design your management skills that align with your strengths, support career pursuits, and build individual confidence.


  • Increased level of engagement.

  • Safe place to gain perspective.

  • Deeper level of learning.

  • Build personal awareness.

  • Support for improving specific skills.

Team Development.

Strength-based team development and coaching combinations to create highly engaged teams. Develop your teams by bringing people and business together.  Do you know the types of behaviors you should be promoting? 

  • Increased motivation.

  • Improve productivity.

  • Increased collaboration.

  • Encourage creativity.

  • Improved communication.

  • Connect remote teams.

An Optimal Blend.

Combining some self-discovery and self-awareness along with the direct consultant approach can be the best of both worlds.

  • Defining what needs to be done.

  • Help develop a step-by-step plan.

  • Coaching the implementation of that plan.


"When there is misalignment with our stories, values, and surroundings, there is misalignment within."

Sarah Blake

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